Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Economical made-to-measure ultrasonic humidification

For over 20 years, STULZ has been supplying its Ultrasonic humidifying systems for made-to-measure humidification that ensures the best possible processes and high quality standards.



Solutions for UltraSonic units



  • Maximum energy savings – 93 % less electricity than electrode/resistance steam humidifiers

  • Energy-saving cooling effect due to physical characteristics

  • Very fine mist (0.001 mm or 1 µm), which is immediately assimilated in the air

  • Rapid payback/future-proof investment given rising energy prices

  • Excellent control characteristics: immediate humidifier capacity

  • Flexible actuation

  • Long oscillator life: minimum running time based on nameplate power rating is 10,000 operating hours

  • Hygienic humidification thanks to a continual supply of fresh water and special purging/flushing cycles


  • Additional adiabatic cooling effect

  • Approved for hygienic operation to VDI6022

  • Energy consumption: approx. 60 W per 1 kg/h of humidifier capacity

Distribution by infinitely adjustable EC fan

Adiabatic cooling

The water droplets are nebulized so finely in the ultrasonic humidifier that they automatically pass from the liquid to the gas phase (they evaporate). The heat required for evaporation is drawn from the room air, so aiding cooling.




  • UltraSonic Humidification Systems

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