Demi-Cabinet options for small capacity applications.

Demi-Cabinet for small capacity applications

STULZ offers the Demi-Cabinet option for small capacity applications.  The Demi-Cabinet includes two 0.5 cubic foot DI bottles for total media capacity of 1.0 cubic foot.  A conductivity probe is included as integral to the Demi-Cabinet for connection to the STULZ Ultrasonic control panel.

Mixed Bed Deionization

STULZ Demi-Cabinet mixed bed deionization (DI) systems are used for the removal of ionized organic and inorganic minerals and salts from water, using a concurrent ion exchange procedure.  The positively charged ions are removed by cation exchange resin in exchange for a chemically equivalent amount of hydrogen ions.  The negatively charged ions are removed by anion exchange for a chemically equivalent amount of hydroxide ions.  The hydrogen and hydroxide ions introduced in this process unite to form deionized water molecules.  The mixed bed DI resin is housed in plastic bottles and has a nominal mineral removal capacity of 10,000 grains.

A complete system consists of two DI Bottles connected in series and housed in a steel cabinet with a lockable hinged door.  Within the cabinet, a water shut-off valve is provided in the supply side piping.  A conductivity sensor with a 10 ft. long cable is provided in the DI water outlet side for connection to the STULZ Ultrasonic control panel for monitoring the purity of the DI water being dispensed.  Water inlet and outlet connections are accessible from outside the cabinet.

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