EC Fan vs VFD Fan

Compare EC Fan Retrofit to VFD Fan Retrofit

The STULZ CyberMod EC Fan Retrofit kit has distinct energy saving advantages over other similar retrofit kits on the market which use variable frequency drive (VFD) motors. 

EC Fans are more efficient at partial load, where many data centers are running because they maintain efficiency throughout the entire speed and load range. they do not rely on incoming line voltage, which results in a more precise air flow.  Lower motor temperatures result in a higher net cooling capacity, possibly reducing the number of air conditioners required.  


*Savings estimate is derived from actual performance test results of (1) Liebert model FH740C with 10 hp forward curved centrifugal fan vs. (1) Liebert model FH740C modified with the STULZ EC Fan retrofit kit, against 0.3” of external static pressure. Results may vary.

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