CyberMod Retrofit Fan Box

EC Fan Retrofit kits significantly reduce the operating costs in a data center

Easy-to-install, variable speed EC Fan Retrofit kit replaces belt drive DWDI blowers for clean, efficient upgrade to legacy mission critical CRAH units.

Extend Life, Improve Efficiency & Reliability of Existing Systems

  • Liebert Units

  • Data Aire Units

  • Compu-Aire Units

  • Airflow Units

  • ATS Units

The STULZ CyberMod EC Fan Retrofit Kit has distinct energy saving advantages over other similar retrofit kits on the market, which use variable frequency drive (VFD) motors.

EC Fans are more efficient at partial load, where many data centers are running because they maintain efficiency throughout the entire speed and load range. they do not rely on incoming line voltage, which results in a more precise air flow.  Lower motor temperatures result in a higher net cooling capacity, possibly reducing the number of air conditioners required. 


  • No changes required to the primary electric or piping

  • Provides superior air distribution

  • Built-in fan redundancy

  • Easy installation

  • Quiet operation (low vibration, no inverter whine)

  • Low maintenance (no belts to adjust, no belt dust, no greasing)


Control and monitoring

  • STULZ E2 controller ties directly to or replaces existing controller
  • Fan speed control is independent of CW valve control operation
  • Update existing control options (under-floor pressure control, return or supply air temperature control, independent fan and valve control)
  • Communicates with BMS - optional


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