Air Purifiers and Air Scrubbers

Air Purification and Air Scrubbers for commercial buildings

Experience improved indoor air quality with Air purification solutions using latest technology microprocessor control and instrumentation. Reduce operating cost and energy bills while improving indoor air quality. Customised solutions for existing building Air Handling Unit rooms using floor or ceiling space. Capacity range from 300 cfm to 20,000 cfm . 


Solutions for Air purification Units

  • Stand alone Unit (Existing AHU Rooms)

  • Treated fresh Air Unit with Heat Exchangers

  • Recycling Unit

  • Pressurising Unit



  • Microprocessor Controller

  • Electronically Commutated Motors

  • Particulate Filters MERV 8 - MERV 13

  • BMS Connectivity

  • Chemical Media Filters

  • Hepa Filters

  • Carbon Filters

  • Electrostatic Filters


Control and Monitoring options

  • Room Temperature

  • Room Relative Humidity

  • Pressure Drop Across Filter

  • Operating Status of EC Fan

  • Air Quality (VOC)

  • Carbon dioxide sensing ( PPM )


  • Commercial Buildings

  • Hospital - Operation Theaters

  • Clean Rooms

  • Refineries

  • Industrial Zones

  • Food Processing

  • Warehouse Odor Management

  • Other Chemicals, Pathogens , Odors and Suspended Particulate Matter Management


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